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Reference Tuner.0, manufacturer: Opera Audio., Ltd - Beijing, china. While numeric specifications are usually pretty irrelevant to the listening experience of amplifiers, with tuners they are very useful in choosing a model to suit the prevailing local FM conditions and intended usage. Greater packing density requires lower deviation which means a narrower available frequency response. Tuner buyers are an endangered species, in the UK the dash to digital is all about cramming more stations into less waveband, not about quality, so the service life of any new purchase may be dictated by this as BBC FM switch-off is predicted. Reviewed: January, 2006, i love good FM broadcasts and for a long time you couldn't hear a better balanced analogue source than. There are still plenty of tuners on the market in the 21st century, and the Denon DT260 is an established 99 favourite that's been in production (with modifications) for over 12 years. The Consonance taschenbücher Reference amplifiers get a splendid aluminium remote control so why can't tuner purchasors enjoy the same billet of ally? Permalink, raw Message, broadcasters have reduced AM bandwidth to /- 5Khz so who needs a "high fidelty" tuner to listen to Rush Limbaugh? Owners of other systems will probably be put off by the lack of FM facilities, despite the Consonance's obvious superb sound quality. The next step up would be something like the Creek T43, an established benchmark product (also available rebranded Cambridge Audio) for which some specialists offer upgrade packages. He was succeeded by John Nelson until the mid 90s, when FM radio seemed to drop from the hi-fi radar. BBC Radio3, and BBC Radios 1, 2 and 4 were often pretty good too. The instructions very sensibly begin with advice about FM aerials that is well written and a good description of the compromises in choosing the best antenna for a given geographical location and choice of stations. The Denon is as good as the Consonance with these signals, but you don't buy a hifi tuner to play at DXing. They have slightly different flavours with mediocre material, but little to identify each as particularly different performance leagues. See this url for specs: tml Excellent shape, looks ok for build quality. The 6H30 valve output stage certainly sweetens the sound, and the audio and power supply components have been well selected and there should be no matching problems with any amplifiers or cables. Tidy interior with 6H30 tube output stage at centre rear FM front end at right rear Big toroidal transformer front left Tuner circuit board centre Control display board at front With the lid off the essentials are well spaced to minimise interference, although the ribbon. Other multiple-transmitter stations usually do not have this information google available and it can be difficult to use the Consonance to pick the best signal by scrolling back and forth to compare. Consonance Reference range seems to lie in the midpoint of their hierarchy. Equally innappropriate would be the commonplace omnidirectional dipole, which is fine for access to the maximum number of local stations in urban areas, but at the price of massive multipath distortion that mitigates against high-quality reception. Wondering whether it would be possible to achieve a similar effect using the cheap Denon DT260L via a valve pre-amp, I inserted the Concordant Excelsior between the Denon and the Consonance integrated amp, with the Concordant volume control matched to the Consonance reference tuner. That works out at about 2 per week for the Consonance Reference.0. Works fine, looks fine, includes original assembly manual. Conclusion To drawing clear conclusions on the Consonance Reference Tuner.0 is a tough assignment.

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The main tuner board looks like a proprietry item. In the context of other Consonance family electronics the Reference. Cookies rufen Sie unsere 895 should buy a lot of tuner. It happily drove 7m cables without any noticable loss in sound quality compared to 1m of the same wire. The Consonance will be compared to the Denon as an indicator of whether it hifi is worth spending that much extra money to receive modern FM signals. D also love a Marantz 10B style multipath oscilloscope but thatapos.

Seite ohne JavaScript anzeigen.The Denon is as good as the Consonance with these signals, but you don t buy a hifi tuner to play at DXing.

The words of a former BBC engineer. Tuning range, the power supply and internal layout are excellent for a tuner and the provision of AM does not seem to have affected FM gutscheincode perfomance at all. Heathkit AJ21 hifi AM tuner, the Consonance is probably the sweetest of the three under these circumstances. According to current policy rumours 700mV per channel at 100 modulation AM 5 108 45dB Output level, fM 5MHz Sensitivity, never feeling an urgent need to switch to one of my alternatives like the Accuphase. The case work is splendid, cherish your well designed and proven analogue tuner. That means any new tuner purchase will last at least 8 years. Although my friend Paul had a lengthy letter in Septemberapos. During the review period, in 1986 the BBC were specifying 32bit capability in some parts of their mixers to ensure no loss or distortion to the then 16bit signal but anticipated 24bit future developments in contrast to their current dashforDAB at data rates designed for.

The Creek T43 manages such features at nearly half the price.The Naim NAT01 with napst power supply is another that has always impressed me with its fine musical qualities.I have to consider which of our readers is going to splash out 895 on a tuner, and whether this would be a good one to add to their shortlist.

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